A few days I came over an article on how to run WireGuard on a USG, and skimmed trough it. At the bottom  I noticed some comment-section that caught my eye, it looked like GitHubs issue section, and sure enough, that's exactly what it is.

So how do you add it? The process is quite easy it is described in more detail on their site. First you need to allow access to their bot on a repository you own. Then you need incorporate the necessary javascript, this can be somewhat tricky if you don't want it on the bottom of all your site, I don't want that so I set out to modify the theme, to have it where I want. It is a very simple modification, with one new line, and an additional file.

The first thing I did was creating a new file, this one actually holds the script. This file is in the partials folder, so it ended up here partials\utteranc.hbs.

<section class="utteranc">
	<script src="https://utteranc.es/client.js"

The other modification I did, was to edit the post file to actually load the script. I added it just above where the subscription box is.

            <section class="post-full-content">
                <div class="post-content">

            {{!-- Custom Comments--}}
            {{> utteranc}}

            {{!-- Email subscribe form at the bottom of the page --}}
            {{#if @labs.members}}
            {{> subscribe-form}}

I created a release on the GitHub repo with the final zip.